Human Lung Cell Atlas

Human lung diagramAlthough single cell RNA sequencing studies have begun providing compendia of cell expression profiles, it has proven more difficult to systematically identify and localize all molecular cell types in individual organs to create a full molecular cell atlas. From droplet- and plate-based single cell RNA sequencing applied to ~75,000 human lung and blood cells, combined with a multi-pronged cell annotation approach that includes extensive tissue localization, we have defined the gene expression profiles and anatomical locations of 58 cell populations in the human lung, including 41 of 45 previously known cell types or subtypes and 14 new ones. Learn more in our manuscript and our GitHub repository.


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SmartSeq2 10x

Data availability

Download count/UMI tables, metadata, and Seurat and scanpy objects for your own bioinformatic piplines from Synapse. Raw sequencing reads are available on the European Genome-phenome Archive. Please complete our Data Access Agreement and return to our Data Access Committee to request access.